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You had every intention of ‘being good’ this past weekend. You were meant to ‘make good choices but it all went wrong’ You were doing ‘so well’ through the week and then the weekend was a ‘disaster’. These quotes are something I hear very regularly with many clients who work with me on a weight loss goal. They are normally followed with an apology and a real attack on themselves for ‘messing up’. I get it…I really do!

It’s really easy to be hard on ourselves, to attack ourselves and to beat ourselves up when we think we have failed. I want to address this self-berating approach, as I strongly believe it can be a massive hindrance on anyone’s ability to progress. Why do we beat ourselves up? Surely beating anything up hurts so why do we intentionally hurt ourselves? Here are my key points to STOPPING THE BEATING UP PROCESS and beginning to be much more POSITIVE with ourselves when it comes to a weight loss goal…

1) YOU HAVEN’T BEEN GOOD OR BAD – Let’s ensure we don’t begin attach negative connotations to our food intake. You don’t become a better person with every salad leaf eaten – equally no worse after a pint and packet of crisps!

2) BE ACCOUNTABLE BUT NO NEED FOR THE STICK – Of course, you are responsible for your own body & how you look after it. So definitely hold yourself accountable, just not with a ‘beating stick’. Be kind to you & don’t verbally abuse yourself! It’s so easy to fall into a negative spiral & think all is lost. It’s not! There is always today & tomorrow…always time to re-set. Look forwards not backwards….

3) YOU ARE IN CONTROL – You can decide to eat what you want. Remember that yes, to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit. But you can still do this & enjoy certain foods that aren’t necessarily conducive to a weight loss goal. Everything in moderation & with a careful plan behind you. If you’re in need of a positive voice & a coach who is invested in YOU, then drop me a line. Let’s build a plan that successfully returns you to a healthy body weight.