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In May 2020, I was delighted to announce a new remote group weight loss challenge as part of my ongoing support with weight loss. My 60-day Weight Loss Challenge is focused on sustainable change, seeing a positive influence on health, nutrition and lifestyle beyond the 60-day programme. Participants benefit from the remote group support. Take my Cohort 1 team below for an example. These guys didn’t know each other before the challenge but through the 60 days, via embarking on the same journey, sharing successes and challenges they became pillars of support to each other, regularly in contact via the group WhatsApp and fortnightly Zoom group meets. The aim of the challenge is to lose 10lb in 60 days but for my first Cohort, the results didn’t just come from a reduction in weight and body fat. Much of the feedback focused on the increased sense of wellbeing, confidence, empowerment, increased understanding of nutrition, and improvement in energy and lust for life!



  • 10% body weight loss. 69kg > 62kg (15.4lb)

I’ve been delighted with the results and feel like I’m in my natural rhythm to now continue on my own towards my next goal. The length of the programme ensures that real habit change occurs which is so important for a lifestyle change. 


  • 10% body weight loss. 73.4kg > 65.9kg (16.5lb)

I had put on 7lbs in lockdown, having already been heavier than I wanted, and knew I wanted to lose weight but didn’t want to have to count points or sins or follow anything extreme that would lead to binge eating. Joe’s plan was simple to follow; a sensible calorie deficit coupled with sensible macros and exercise to fit with your schedule. At no point did it feel difficult and the support of others in the group was encouraging. I lost more than the 10lbs and have a better relationship with food (I’ve said goodbye to emotional eating). I’ve continued to lose weight post programme and now work with Joe on his online coaching programme to support my training and continued weight loss goals 

Photo by i yunmai on Unsplash