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My Personal Training offer is all about a complete focus on you, your health, fitness and lifestyle.

Benefit from expert knowledge and guidance and bespoke training sessions that are specific to your requirements.

Realise your potential and the fitness levels you can reach, that perhaps you once thought not possible before.

“Per week” sessions are purchased for a period of 1 month.

Ts & Cs – Purchases of Personal Training are subject to the consultation process. Full refunds will be given if not deemed appropriate for the programme.


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5 reviews for Personal Training

  1. Kristen S.

    I’ve been training with Joe since August 2020. There are many things I like about personal training with Joe (a few examples: he’s 100% present during our sessions, always replies to any queries I have between sessions, checks in regularly to see how I am doing outside of sessions, takes warming up and rehab seriously)… but what shines above everything else is he has helped me understand that actually, this process is about being kind to myself and finding balance.

    You see, I had hit the whole weight loss thing really hard about six years ago by depriving myself of carbs in a very big way (think steak and walnuts for breakfast!) and being in the gym 6 days a week. I lost a lot of weight (and hair on my head!) in the blink of an eye.. but eventually, I snapped (over a slice of toast) and because I didn’t know how to “live” with carbs and refused to go back to being deprived so heavily of them gain all of the weight very quickly found me again.

    With Joe’s help, I’ve developed a much better relationship with food and the weight loss journey I’m on. I’m enjoying the process and really excited to see what 2021 has in store.

    Thanks Joe. You are genuinely brilliant!

  2. Kate Jones

    I have been training with Joe since around August 2019. I was looking to gain my confidence back with training and lose some weight. Joe has been the most amazing trainer and friend! During sessions he always encourages me to get the best out of myself and we have a laugh a long the way. I would 100% recommend Joe to anyone. He has so much knowledge and experience and he will support you and encourage you to achieve your goals. I would say Joe has gone above and beyond for me and I always look forward to my sessions with him.

  3. Claudia McCormack

    I’ve been training with Joe since last October. I began training again after repeated issues with my lower back, suspected slipped disk. Joe has helped me improve my confidence and strength in my back. Together with support and advice from the physio I’m virtually pain free now and my mobility is improving all the time. I really was in tremendous pain and now I can go about my day without even thinking about my back. I’m continuing with my training to make progress on other aspects of my fitness and health, both physical and mental, having been out of training for about 2 years. It’s hard to get back to it but Joe has been nothing but encouraging and supportive.

  4. scarletthilson24

    Joe has not only helped me to lose 10kg in just 8 weeks, but he’s also helped me to lose the negative, unhealthy and unproductive mindset that I used to have. ‘I’ll start the diet/gym on Monday’ is a thing of the past – instead I’m taking small, but constant, steps each and everyday to reach my goals and be the best that I can both physically and mentally. Rather than quick fixes, Joe has taught me how to loose weight safely, but also sustainably. I now feel a lot more comfortable in the gym thanks to Joe’s encouraging and patient approach, and have even been going regularly in my free time too – it’s become a real part of my daily life and routine! Thanks so much Joe – an amazing PT and person!

  5. huntermoran100

    I started working with Joe, as I was really struggling to lose weight.
    All the tricks I used when I was younger didn’t work. I felt really defeated and was consistently putting on weight with my HRT treatment and felt bloated and uncomfortable .
    But Joe has saved the day!
    I couldn’t believe the results and actually started feeling more myself.
    His plan is accessible and manageable.
    And can merge into everyone’s diet, so you are not having to make separate meals.
    I never thought it would be possible to shift those stubborn pounds.
    With Joe’s coaching and understanding I feel it is all achievable.
    Highly recommend Joe for anyone looking to shift these stubborn pounds and struggling with motivation.
    His super approachable manner and willingness to listen is a fantastic support. Especially when your struggling to connect with your body during the menopause.
    Highly recommend Joe

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