Parent Fit

Calling all parents…………

1) Do you have young children still living at home⁣?
2) Do you feel time poor⁣?
3) Do all of your daily responsibilities get prioritised over your own health and fitness?
4) Do you intend to exercise but find it difficult to get kick started into a routine?

If so then you may be a prime candidate to join my Parent Fit Community

Parent Fit aims to:
1) Build a supportive parent fitness community.
2) Make you fitter, leading to a healthier body and mind
3) Improve accountability to your health and fitness via peer to peer support and coaching expertise
4) Increase good role modelling to our children, demonstrating the importance of looking after our health

As a parent myself, I believe we can be dedicated, loving parents and also find the important balance between looking after others and keeping sight of the value of investing in our own health and fitness. Together we can be stronger!

Contact me today to learn more about Parent Fit and to sign up


Meet Lizzie
Mum of three
Parent Fit Participant

“To think a year ago I would be taking running shoes away with me on work trips/holidays etc would be an alien thought to me (I’d never exercised) but this group has shown me great support and that no matter how small the effort I put in it it makes a big difference to me mentally”




Meet Liz
Mum of two
Parent Fit Participant

“I love being part of the Parent Fit community . It’s a supportive group and we keep each other accountable but not in a pushy way. It is what motivates me
to get out for a run or to get that workout done! Love it!”




Meet Denise
Mum of two
Parent Fit Participant

“Parent Fit has made me more accountable to look after myself and create healthy habits. Knowing you’re not alone on the fitness & health journey is also very encouraging!”


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