60-Day Weight Loss Challenge

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A weight loss programme with proven results

The Aim: To lose a minimum of 10lb following a nutrition plan via food logging to ensure weight loss success.

My 60-day Weight Loss Challenge is focused on sustainable change and seeing a positive influence on health, nutrition and lifestyle beyond the 60-day programme.

Follow the plan across 60 days and expect results that will kick start a longer-term healthier lifestyle.

Sign up for the Challenge starting on the 1st of November from anywhere in the world.

Sign up week starts on the 18th of October.

What you get
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What you get:

  • Access to a training app equipped with your nutrition plan and a bespoke exercise programme.
  • Recipe Packs & a highly recommended shopping list to help guide your journey through the challenge.
  • Expert guidance on calorie intake to guarantee your weight loss.
  • 1-2-1 coaching support from me as your devoted weight loss coach.
  • Remote group connection via regular video calls & WhatsApp group. This really helps to foster accountability, solidarity, encouragement and motivation.

What previous participants have experienced:

  • Losing weight without feeling hungry.
  • Long term positive changes to the relationship with food.
  • Results in weight loss that continue beyond the 60 days and lead to the complete return to a healthy body weight.
  • An increased understanding of nutrition, leading to more informed choices.
  • Improved energy levels, confidence, skin health and sleep quality.

Ts & Cs – Purchases of the 60-Day Weight Loss Challenge are subject to the consultation process. Participation confirmation based on current body weight and levels of weight loss deemed healthy. Full refunds will be given if not deemed appropriate for programme

I would never have been able to go through this transformation without you or your programme! I can’t begin to tell you how good it makes me feel having lost all this weight, feeling fit and healthy again and feeling comfortable in my own skin! Whenever I thought of losing weight before, it seemed like this monumental task! In hindsight, it really isn’t! It’s just one small step at a time and with consistency its was achievable to get back to a healthy lifestyle in a matter of a few months!

Carolin60 Day Weight Loss Challenge Participant

What I love about it is that it’s not a magic bullet, it does require quite a bit of work and input and time in planning and logging but at no point did I feel deprived by being on a calorie deficit - quite the opposite in fact because I was eating much tastier food and feeling great for it.

Lisa60 Day Weight Loss Challenge Participant

I'd like to think this is just the beginning of the journey. I'd encourage you to aim high and believe that you can achieve big in this weight loss process. There will be multiple benefits you'll notice along the way - I can assure you.

60 Day Weight Loss Challenge Participant

9 reviews for 60-Day Weight Loss Challenge

  1. Carlie holliday

    The programme is great for those looking to better understand macros, food groups, good eating habits and a sustainable diet. I found it very educational. I learnt more about food, healthy eating and my relationship with food during this programme than 15 years of fad diets!
    The app is the best I’ve used- clear and detailed. The workout videos are great for beginners too.
    The best part of the programme is the support group! Having both Joe and a ‘supprt group’ on hand really makes a huge difference.
    Thank you Joe!

  2. Yaz

    I absolutely love this program! It’s been the best thing to happen to me all year. Joe has been telling me to trust the macros for years and I literally didn’t believe it until I started doing this challenge.

    Pros: I don’t feel like I’ve changed my diet massively in terms of what I buy but I’ve changed how much I eat of certain nutrients and I really feel like I’ve got something lifelong to follow.

    Having the support group wasn’t something I thought I’d need but I made some lovely new friends and having them complete the challenge at the same time was brilliant for morale. We helped each other on our lazy days, we shared recipes and we made each other laugh.

    My confidence in my own body has been so positively impacted that I feel like a new person but with the added bonus of not having to dramatically change my life or that I can’t sustain it.

    I’ve developed healthy eating habits and this is one of the key benefits of the challenge because Joe is so understanding to our individual needs.

    I’m now nearly 3 months past my end date of the challenge and I have kept using the Trainerize app, I’ve still got Joe giving me workouts and I have chosen to stick to the plan.

    My favourite bit is realising that it’s not about weight-loss but how my body has changed. I took progress pictures recently, my body has been transformed and I can’t wait to see where the journey will take me.

    I also really enjoy my workouts, I find them manageable with my busy work life and I love that I can ask for tweaks to them so that I can up the ante when I need to!

    ‘Cons’: I’ve bought several new pairs of trainers and workout gear because apparently, I’m now that person!

    My lasting bit of advice, which is basically what Joe said to me months ago; Have a go, you’ve got nothing to lose!

  3. Shabana

    This programme is a game change period.
    I saw steady weight loss and a change in my body shape and after reaching my goal weight I’ve been able to maintain that through the techniques I learnt on the programme. The length of the programme means that you can make healthy changes in the way you view food an integral part of your life – it’s not a diet plan – it’s a lifestyle plan . I was quite sceptical to begin with, worried about being hungry all the time but hand on heart I haven’t felt hungry once during the programme. I think the most telling thing for me was how the cravings for junk food faded away within the first week- something I didn’t think possible and to be honest I still can’t quite believe why I’m not reaching for that chocolate bar every evening! ‘It’s all in the science’ days Joe, who has been an amazing support. Joe is always on hand to offer support and guidance, whether it’s around your food or training. The support you create amongst your cohort is also brilliant – you can share ideas, ups and downs and prop one another up. All you need is commitment, a little bit of planning and Joe will support you all the way. It’s changed my outlook on what I feed myself and my family and has made a significant impact on my wellbeing. Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Zahra Khan

    I had never attempted to lose weight before and considered myself a balanced eater so I really had no idea where this experience would take me. It was challenging, but the results were very noticeable, not just in my weight and body shape, but in how I felt and in my overall and lasting outlook on wellbeing.

    I wasn’t very physically active but with lockdown and no longer needing to commute to work, even less so. With the programme, I became active five times a week – when it was convenient for me – and I enjoyed it. Within the first week of the programme and for the first time in who knows how long, I wasn’t hungry all the time either.

    I underestimated how much Joe’s support and that of the group would benefit me, but I couldn’t have done it without them. Joe motivated me when I didn’t think it was possible, there was no judgment, just support. The group were a wonder, they inspired me to do better and being in the same boat, we really understood each other’s highs and lows.

    It was an incredibly positive experience and I would highly recommend it.

  5. Alexia

    I shed 2 stone (4 in total) by following Joe’s program after I had my baby last December. I know it’s not all about weight – ultimately what Joe’s program taught me is to be mindful of portions and the importance of protein for keeping full. Also, it’s mostly about the right nutrition and though exercise is important and a part of my current routine, unless you’re training for a marathon all the time – it’s really about getting your food right.

    The length of the program is super important because it ensures that you change your habits. It’s been 5 months since my program ended with Joe and It was easy to maintain the regime because it’s my new lifestyle and I haven’t felt this good in a long time.

    Couldn’t recommend his program more highly.

  6. Carolin

    This programme is transformational! It’s so effective. I lost 16kg and counting after having a baby. Both the group and Joe’s support are incredible and really helped me understand food and my relationship to food. It was a total game-changer and signing up to this programme was the best decision! I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to tackle that excess weight!

  7. Linda Deans

    I was slightly sceptical signing up thought maybe a fad thing I’ll see out the 60 days and back to normal. But hit 40 and needed to do something as I just felt unhealthy!…So so glad I signed up it has really changed my life! I’m almost 5 months post the challenge and I’ve continued with the habits I learnt during without any hassle or effort. I’ve continued to lose weight in a sensible sustainable way. And the most important to me (as a foodie) is that its not been a drastic change in what I eat but just understanding the balance better. A favourite comment of Joe’s but one that has stuck with me I now make ‘informed decisions’. If I have an off day I now know what i need to do to get back on track.
    Like someone said wasn’t sure I would need the support group but mine was amazing and I wouldn’t have got through it without them, and Joe was a great coach no judging at all he was so positive and encouraging.

    I’ve not been happy with my shape for years but I’m pleased to say I haven’t felt this good since my 20’s! Cannot recommend enough.

  8. Lisa

    You shouldn’t hesitate to sign up to this if you want a healthy, sustainable, supportive and educational way to lose weight over the 60 days of the challenge and beyond.

    This programme has been life changing for me. I had got into a really bad place during the national lockdowns, which followed on from 5 years of not really treating my body right ever since I had kids.

    A good friend (who was looking amazing having been on the programme) recommended it to me and I was a bit sceptical about whether it would work but I desperately needed something so gave it a go.

    I was amazed to finish the programme having lost twice my initial goal weight and even more importantly to have loads more energy, all the other associated health benefits and to be feeling so good in my own skin.

    What I love about it is that it’s not a magic bullet, it does require quite a bit of work and input and time in planning and logging but at no point did I feel deprived by being on a calorie deficit – quite the opposite in fact because I was eating much tastier food and feeling great for it.

    And all that effort has paid off so much, not just in exceeding my weight loss goals but in setting me up with the knowledge and habits needed to make really long term sustainable changes to my diet and lifestyle.

    The group dynamic really helps in terms of feeling supported through any ups and downs or challenges and the one to one coaching from Joe is incredible – he manages to be supportive, understanding, appropriately questioning and motivating.

    I felt the difference it made so early on but as I went on with the process it’s been amazing to have friends and family notice the difference in me too.

  9. mubeenk

    I would highly recommend Joe as a PT (virtual at that). I’ve lost 2 stone following on from his 60 day weightloss challenge, with his extensive support and expertise. I have done this all virtually through his training app and online zoom meetings. Working out is now medicinal, it’s the best thing to come out of 2020. Joe really made me BELIEVE in myself.
    It taught me that you don’t need the gym to achieve weightloss goals. Being a busy mum with a full time job I now workout 3 times a week at home using Joe’s app and run 10K twice a week. If your contemplating Joe’s program, I would say DO IT- the 60 days are LIFE CHANGING!!! 💜

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