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Client feedback

Telling you that I’m the best Personal Trainer in Exeter would be easy, so here are a few kind words my customers have shared about their experience working with me.

Incredibly supportive, kind and encouraging. Joe is very professional and able to adapt to everyone he trains. The results of my final weigh in made me feel brilliant. I do not regret for one minute those early morning sessions. It’s all worth it!

Olivia MorrellAchieved: 20lb weight loss, BMI – Overweight to healthy weight category, Body Fat reduction 40% to 32% in 3 months

Personable & entertaining, but don't expect a light touch on the training. Compassionate, empathetic and highly focused on achieving real results

Claire HopkinsAchieved: Positive change in mentality towards training making training habitual

I would recommend Joe as a trainer to anyone. Joe helped change my outlook permanently and the long-term effects could have a huge positive impact on my life.

Will HutsonAchieved: 12% body fat reduction in 4 months

Motivated, educated and helped me get back on track faster than I expected. Joe has given me the confidence to go further than I originally intended with my weight loss target. An extra 9kg to be exact.

Paul StimpsonAchieved: 37lb weight loss, Body Fat 32.4% to 23.5%, Resting Heart Rate 91 to 63 bpm in 3 months

A PT that is not only knowledgeable and passionate about training, but genuinely cares about your progress. Joe, I can’t thank you enough for showing me that I CAN. All my skinny jeans are baggy and I feel so much better in general – however, the biggest gain for me is self confidence and belief

Sarah Kay LairdAchieved: Self-confidence & belief

I had run for years but it was only when I completed the programme that I finally learned good technique. I now run faster, have improved my fitness, flexibility and am injury free. The 3 sessions give you everything you need to run well for the rest of your life.

Kate Slotover, Run Technique Course attendeeAchieved: Faster running and reduced injury risk

An amazing PT. Not only a great teacher but his ability to motivate and inspire has made a huge difference to my life since I started working with him. I have lost weight but the major win is getting a love for exercise back again and the great feeling that comes with that.

Kate ArcherAchieved - Integrating exercise back into daily lifestyle

Every session has been tailored to my needs, injuries and goals. Very in tune- He knows when to push and when to adapt. I’m more motivated than I’ve ever been to exercise and most of that has been down to Joe

Victoria PackAchieved: Improved back strength post injury, toning & definition

Changing a long term running style was hard, but through completing the course I have been able to improve my running efficiency leading to faster times. Joe was always helpful and supportive and ensured I got the most out of the sessions.

Chris WatsonAchieved: Beat my 10k Personal Best with a time of 52:16. Within 8 weeks I ran a 51:30

Hand on my heart, choosing to train with Joe has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself – as well as being obviously fitter, I feel empowered which effects all other parts of my life positively.

Sarah Kay LairdAchieved: Self-confidence & belief.

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