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An account by Richard & Chris who wanted to add a nutritional focus to their ongoing weekly training with me.

Nutrition goals & results

Richard (Weight Loss Goal)


  • Lost 12lbs in 6 weeks
  • BMI into healthy range
  • Body Fat reduction from 19.1% to 17.2% & into healthy range

 “I was really keen to lose weight and inches from my middle, and with Joe’s help, I managed to hit my targets within six weeks.”

– Richard

Chris (Monitor calorie intake to ensure I am eating enough)


  • Maintained healthy body composition scores
  • Increased understanding of a balanced diet & calorie consumption

“Joe has been our brilliant PT for a couple of years now but we always knew exercise was only part of the story.”

– Chris

When it comes to losing excess weight, or eating a healthier more balanced diet, it is not as easy as substituting foods or eradicating certain things from what we consume. Weight loss and changing dietary behaviours is complex and requires a multi-faceted approach, to create sustainable positive changes. Understanding why we eat certain foods, can be the turning point to success.

“The Christmas & New Year excesses and a forthcoming holiday focused our minds and encouraged us to ask for help with (a) understanding what we were eating (nutrition, fat and sugar content) and its impact and (b) losing weight.”

– Chris

I set up my Level 3 Nutritional Support Plan to offer support that goes beyond simply listing the good and the bad foods for people. With a carefully constructed programme, my client’s complete a consultation meeting with me and are offered a bespoke and specific action plan to move forward. Lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep, working patterns, energy levels and meal habits are all focused upon to offer a holistic approach to weight loss goals and healthier eating.

“The first step was a relaxed chat on a Sunday morning where we confessed to our sins which included wine, cheese and bread (often at the same time). Later that week a weigh-in, which also covered body composition testing, then a great plan with advice from Joe on when and what we should be eating. We gave Joe access to our MyFitnessPal app so he could see exactly what we were eating. (You must be honest!) He would send friendly little comments on a weekly basis (e.g. pointing out that many foods have higher sugar content than we had ever realised).”

– Chris

“The nutritional advice was simple and mixed with regular training, producing great results. The best thing about it is that I’ve managed to introduce lots of the advice to my daily routines.”

– Richard

It’s fantastic to see the results that people like Chris & Richard have made after signing up to my Level 3 Nutritional Support Plan. By identifying lifestyle and nutritional habits, positive changes can be made, leading to more sustainable success.

“We’ve realised that healthy eating need not be boring, (who knew quality peanut butter is acceptable?) and that we enjoyed the challenge of working on it together with Joe’s help. So much so, although the holiday has been and gone, we are carrying on with the healthier eating (with an occasional glass of wine)”. – Chris

For more information and to sign up to this nutrition programme please contact me.