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Commentary from client Will

Start date: Oct ‘17
End date: Jan ’18  (4 months)
Fitness goal: Weight Loss. Learn exercise routines & form
Progress report: 12% of starting body fat lost /  18% of starting visceral fat lost

My background

With my 30th year on the horizon, and working a sedentary job which is infamous for back problems, I decided it was time to sort myself out. From the very first consultation, I felt like Joe was non-judgmental, very helpful and supportive –  open to my novice questions, but retaining some distance that I felt I could still make decisions on my own.

My personal training Journey

We started in September 17, starting slowly in the gym, the first few dizzying sessions were spent learning about form and simple exercises targeting key muscle groups and getting general strength up to a healthy level. I quickly learnt it was as much a mental battle as a physical one, and Joe’s friendly push came to be very helpful in helping me achieve the goals we had laid out.

By the time the latter sessions had come around I was feeling a lot more in control of the various exercises we were doing, and I now have a basic but good understanding of why and what exercises are doing to my body. Joe even went the extra mile at the end of our sessions and helped me make a solid exercise plan using the basic equipment available for free in my local park.

The nutrition aspect of the training was also very valuable – Joe helped me with this by laying out some very simple rules and ideas of how to make sure I was eating properly and well – I think this has been a big part of my lifestyle changes thus far – I am still no angel, but I can’t imagine eating some of the rubbish I used to enjoy before starting this journey.

Lifestyle changes

Nowadays I have got to the point where I enjoy working up a sweat. I wouldn’t have believed myself 6 months ago but I run about 3 or 4 times a week and a couple of workouts in my local park as outlined by Joe at the end of our sessions together. I get a lot of enjoyment from overcoming the mental and physical challenge of exercise.

I eat more carefully, and drink and smoke less, however I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything

At work, I feel more in control of my posture and I have not had much back pain since we started training – I feel like this was achieved quickly – especially as we had a strong focus on core strength.

I have, and would recommend Joe as a trainer to anyone who I is looking for one – he helped change my outlook permanently and the long-term effects could have a huge positive impact on my life.