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Finding myself again

I received this message from a client of mine that wishes to remain anonymous but was happy for me to to share.

In my opinion, this message truly represents the value to which I myself ascribe to an active and healthy lifestyle, to exercising and believing in oneself.

Having lost my own brother in a road traffic accident in 2011, I turned to exercise as my saviour to my own mental health. Reading this note fills me with pride for my client who is feeling able to grasp life with two hands once more and lean positively into her own grief, finding light through darkness and continuing to live whilst still carrying her lost loved one forward with her.

April, 2021
Name: Anonymous

When I came to you at the end of last year, I was pretty sad, and although not ‘fat’, overweight for me. I couldn’t fit into my dresses, was drinking too much, generally just getting by with a heavy load of grief that I just hadn’t really wanted to face and was carrying poorly. Heavy loads you don’t know how to carry need you to have a certain amount of strength in other areas to be able to learn how to carry them.

I could have tried a therapy route but am so pleased I googled grief personal training, that you had written that blog about your brother and that I was able to put self-consciousness aside and take a leap.

A few things: I saw my mum and dad for the first time a week or so ago, and they couldn’t believe the change in me. I saw some of the people I work with for the first time on Saturday since last year, and it was the first thing that they mentioned. They said I was glowing, and that they sensed a quiet confidence in me they hadn’t seen for a while. That felt good. These haven’t just been kilos that I’ve lost but some inner peace that I’ve gained. I told you in our first meeting that I’m a positive happy person and had just lost her somewhere in the mire that was 2020, and I am so pleased and so grateful that 5 months in I’m on this journey and that you are helping, (hurting! 😂) and cheering me on from the sidelines . It really makes me so happy to come and train with you and I literally buzz throughout the week. It could be the fitness, the health kick, the enormous water intake, that my business is kicking off again and that the year has so far treated me kindly but as an eternal optimist who had misplaced her optimism – I am so so pleased that you have helped me find it.