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In July 2017, current clients training at Joe Edmonds Personal Training offered their responses to a variety of questions based on their Personal Training experience. There were 18 individual responses in total. All responses and comments were anonymous.

Response options ranged from

  • Very poor
  • Poor
  • Below average
  • Satisfactory
  • Good
  • Very good
  • Excellent

Here are the results with a selection of comments received.

Communications skills of your personal trainer

  • Very Good 44%
  • Excellent 56%

“Joe is very attuned to needs and moods of his clients, and adapts sensitively and sympathetically”

“Clear instructions, clear demos. Repeated explanations if needed”

Timekeeping of your personal trainer

  • Very Good 28%
  • Excellent 72%

“I’ve never known Joe to be late, or if he’s just finishing up with a client he adds time on the end of a session.”

“Very motivating to see that you’re always ready to get started.”

Rating the variety of exercise routines in training sessions

  • Good 5%
  • Very Good 39%
  • Excellent 56%

“Diversity of exercises. I have learned so much which benefits me in my own unguided sessions”

Rating the intensity levels to suit fitness level & goals

  • Good 5%
  • Very Good 50%
  • Excellent 45%

“Always being pushed beyond what I think I can do, only to find I can actually do it!”

“Perfect – stepped-up and honed-down according to how I feel, with goals adjusted as I cope with a major health crisis”

Rating the knowledge base of the personal trainer

  • Very Good 5%
  • Excellent 95%

“No doubt at all that Joe applies his well-rounded knowledge consistently to our PT sessions”

Value for money

  • Good 33%
  • Very Good 39%
  • Excellent 28%

“Personal training is not cheap, but what you get out of it, and Joe’s experience, justifies the cost.”

 Overall personal training experience

  • Very Good 17%
  • Excellent 83%


“Joe is a terrific trainer. His communication skills are first rate and he is good at understanding what clients objectives are. He is fair and flexible re scheduling sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend Joe to friends.”