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A truly inspirational story that proves you are never too young or old to embark upon a health and fitness journey. Super proud of you Jimmy. Well done for all that you achieved – Joe

12-week results

  • 10% body weight loss. 86kg > 78kg
  • Body Fat reduction. 29% > 22%
  • “Feeling regenerated”

Jimmy’s feedback on the programme

Joe’s 12-week nutrition programme is by far the best thing I have done during this Covid-19 lockdown.

My original goal was to bring my weight down from 86 kgs to somewhere around 75 kgs. After our initial talk, I realised this was a tad ambitious so revised my ideas and aim for anything below 80 kgs.

But Joe’s programme is so much more than weight loss – it’s an education about the kind of foods we eat, the way we exercise and lifestyle in general. Joe is a great coach. He knows how to encourage and empathise so that you always know he’s got your back even when you feel you’re not making much progress. This was really important to me especially since we could have no face to face meetings. In our weekly phone calls based on assessing the ‘numbers’ and setting goals for the next 7 days, he shared expert knowledge with a real understanding of the emotional impact of his programme, so that while it was hard work (at times) it was never stressful. In the end, this was my journey to make, I did the work, he was my guide.

Importantly while the programme is for 12 weeks, this is no short term fix. What I now know about the food I consume and the exercise I take make a huge difference to my lifestyle choices in general. I now weigh just 78 kgs and have reduced my body fat % from 29% to 22% – an index that I was totally unaware of before and now realise how significant it is to good health.

So my journey continues … I expect to continue to lose weight over the next few months – appreciate a new sense of the food I eat and enjoy my new found energy for life.